"Love is the bridge between you and everything."

- Rumi


Psychic vs. Mediumship - What’s the difference?


I am often asked the question, “what’s the difference between a psychic and a medium?” The short answer is, “all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.”


Just as we have our senses of sight, sound, and feeling, psychics and mediums have developed their psychic senses, or clairs (i.e. clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc), which perceive much more subtle energies and vibrations. Both psychics and mediums utilize one or more of their clairs to perceive this energy. The difference is in where they focus their awareness. A psychic will focus their awareness on the energy of the client and become aware of what is going on with them physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. This can also include past, present, and future events.


A medium can be thought of as a telephone to the Spirit world. They focus their psychic senses on the Spirit World and become aware of the loved ones who have crossed over who wish to communicate with their client. A medium should be able to provide evidence that will help you recognize which of your loved ones they are connecting with. This can include personality traits, relationship to the client, names or important dates, shared memories, physical descriptions, and more. Once the identity is sufficiently established, then a message from that loved one can be brought through.


While both mediums and psychics use their psychic senses, only a medium can bring through loved ones. No type is better than the other - it just depends on what kinds of information you’re looking for.














What type of reading is right for me?


If you are wanting spiritual guidance or development, past, present, or future life circumstances or information, you will want a psychic reading. If you are wanting to connect with a departed loved one, you will want a mediumship reading. If you are still uncertain which is right for you, we can always leave it up to Spirit and trust that what is needed will come through.

"What you seek is seeking you."

- Rumi