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Waterfall over stone bridge and greenery -Image by Luke Paris - Visit The Oakbridge Institute Blue Circle saying Birth Date - founded by Medium Michael Mayo


Introducing The Oakbridge Institute

Medium Michael Mayo's

Oakbridge Institute

Center for Mediumistic and Psychical Studies

All future events will be held through Michael Mayo's Online School:

The Oakbridge Institute

Join us in a worldwide community of like-minded people seeking genuine, evidential connection to the Spirit World. Through online weekly classes, workshops, progressive courses, and more, The Oakbridge Institute offers a variety of pathways for you to explore the bridge between you and your spiritual essence.

Sunlight on grassy hill - Image by Roland Lösslein - Learn about Courses at The Oakbridge Institute, founded by Medium Michael Mayo

Oakbridge Institute equips students with a progressive and evidence-based course structure that begins with foundational classes and moves to advanced classes.

Neon Lights - Learn about the student experience at The Oakbridge Institute, founded by Medium Micahel Mayo

With a catalog of weekly Practice and Development Circles, as well as Workshops and Events, Oakbridge provides students with a wide landscape of learning opportunities.

Students under stone arch at university - Learn about community at The Oakbridge Institute, founded by Medium Michael Mayo

All students are part of the private online Community Forum and can purchase an Oakbridge Membership for discounts on Courses and Workshops as well as access to exclusive Events.

Stone bridge train track with green hills - Learn about the Foundations Classes at The Oakbridge Institute founded by Medium Michael Mayo

Foundations I
The Empowering Approach to Evidence Based Mediumship

Foundations II
Evidence Based Mediumship : Building the Evidence

Foundations III
Evidence Based Mediumship : Unfolding Your Spiritual Potential


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