One-to-One Mentorship with Medium Michael Mayo

Development of mediumship is a lifelong journey of discovery. Weekly development circles are
ideal for one’s growth, but sometimes a student needs a bit more personalized attention to hone
their psychic/mediumship skills and awareness. No matter what stage of development we are
in, we will inevitably run into some kind of block or challenge that we will need to overcome to
take our mediumship to the next level.


To best support his students, Michael offers online one-to-one mentoring through four, 1-hour
weekly sessions that will help you discover how the spirit works best with you- emphasizing
strengths and helping to overcome feeling “stuck” in your mediumship. His mentorship is
tailored to your individual needs- understanding that there is no one size fits all approach!
Michael prides himself on creating a safe, positive, and supportive atmosphere when working
with students.

By offering his mentoring in four week blocks, Michael can guide your progress more effectively
through time while offering flexibility without large time commitments of other mentoring
programs. Students can repeat another four weeks as often as they wish.




Mentorship students can also attend one paid weekly mental mediumship circle each week for
free! This will give them a chance to practice in a group setting as well.



 Through his grounded, practical, evidence-based approach, Michael can help you to:

  • Learn how to receive clear, accurate, and specific information in your readings

  • Develop discernment between what is your mind, and what is coming from Spirit

  • Establish and maintain a link with the Spirit world

  • Build your confidence in your connection to Spirit

  • Understand the mechanics of mediumship

  • Understand the Power and how it is working with you

  • Discover your unique strengths as a medium and how the spirit world works with you

  • Deepen your blending with your Spirit communicator

  • Perceive and organize your psychic information



For inquiries on price, availability, or the program, contact Michael: here


Mentorships are done through Zoom at an agreed upon weekly time. Students must have audio and video capabilities. Students should be willing to act as a sitter (receive a reading) for at least one session outside of their own. Payment for the full four weeks should be made prior to the first meeting. Sessions must be used in 4 consecutive weeks. There are no substitutions or make ups for a missed session unless discussed and agreed upon by Michael. Students are expected to be focused on their learning without distractions from phones and other computer activities during session. Positivity, respect, and kindness for all involved is always welcome.




Mentorship Testimonials:

“I was looking for a mentor who would be sensitive but straightforward when it came to my mediumship development. I wanted to understand where I was going wrong and where to focus to deliver more accurate information. I came across Michael’s YouTube channel and instantly knew I found a good mentor. Working with him has been such a delight. Michael is thorough in his assessment and he gently guided me in the direction that would help me gain more confidence in my mediumship. He is so passionate about what he does as a teacher and I am grateful to call him my mentor.” Jae H.


“Michael is the most compassionate, grounded, and results-oriented teacher that I’ve come across. When it comes to mediumship—he effortlessly blends an evidential, practical approach alongside teachings and wisdom straight from Spirit. If you are looking to deepen your mediumship, expand your spiritual journey, or simply experience the realness of Spirit, Michael is the best hands down!!” Maranda M.


“I am so blessed to have Michael Mayo as my mediumship mentor. I have been a long time
student of Michaels, and he is a teacher of excellence. Michael is very sensitive and supportive
of the needs of the developing medium. He offers the patience and gentle guidance that is
needed so that one can grow into a confident well prepared medium. If you are a beginner, you
will feel safe and supported in his presence, and be given the tools needed to start off right. He
helps to ease the pressure mediums put on themselves so that the messages from spirit can
flow with ease. If you are farther along in your development, he can help take you to the next
level to become a working medium in service to spirit. One of the special things about the way
he teaches, is how he is able to tune into the way you work, perceiving the fine details so that
he can give you the specific help that you need to become a better medium. This enables him to
help mediums of all levels be the best they can be. Michael works from the heart and he
teaches from the heart. I can say from the bottom of my own heart how fortunate I am to have
been guided to work with Michael Mayo.” - Medium Jennifer Rose



“From the first day I started working with Michael, he put me at ease to trust and follow the process of development. He was real, honest, open, caring, and had a very good understanding of how to help those wanting to unfold these spiritual aspects of themselves. I knew that I had found my mentor and was excited to come back each time we worked together. That was nearly 3 years ago and I still feel the exact same way about working with him, even as a working Medium myself now. When I first came to him, I knew nothing of how to be a medium but only had the sensitivity to begin the journey. He was an integral part of where I am at with my mediumship now and I am incredibly grateful that I was lead to him. One of the many things that I really appreciate about him, is his grounded approach to working with the unseen world. Where I have found many in this industry seem very fanciful, he is someone I knew I could trust and explore this reality in a safe space where things made sense to me in a way that was simple and without the added ego that some like to add to the mix. His sensitivity to the power of spirit and his ability to trust and move with it, is something that I highly value as a student. There is an obvious relationship between him and his spirit team that work through him to aid in teaching his students. His emphasis on the importance of quality evidence coming forward from Spirit and really learning how to rely on Spirit instead of the mind or the sitter is something he lives himself and teaches to all of his students. He is truly a gem in this world and out of all the amazing teachers I have worked with, he is still my go to mentor and someone I highly respect.” - Megan Alisa 

Other students’ testimonials
“I cannot recommend working with Michael as a mentor enough! Simply working with him changed my mediumship completely. I first joined his home circle where we focused on sitting in the power and this is where I truly learned what it meant to be in the power as a medium. He has a keen mediumistic sensitivity and awareness of what is happening with your energy, power, and guides as well as a deep understanding of how mediumship development works. Michael's trance ability is truly well developed and sitting in trance circle with him has enhanced my mediumship in all areas. I have found his groups to be harmonious and supportive, which has allowed my mediumship to grow and flourish. It is clear he loves his this work and students as it always shines through!” -Christine H.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Michael Mayo as a teacher you can trust to give you his best. He
is caring, has integrity and comes from a place of authenticity. I have taken several classes
(styles of mediumship and basic astrology) with him over the last 3 years and continue to watch
for opportunities to learn from him. His teaching style focuses on both group and individual
development. From Michael I am thankful to have a strong foundation of knowledge and skill for
true healing work communicating with loved ones in Spirit. I always say: to learn from Michael is
to Love Michael.You will too.” -Tammy D.©2019 Michael Mayo | website made by Megan Dendinger

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