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Mediumship and Psychic Mentorship Services

The development of mediumship or psychic awareness is a lifelong journey of discovery. Weekly development circles are ideal for one’s growth, but sometimes a student needs a bit more personalized attention to hone their psychic/mediumship skills and awareness. No matter what stage of development we are in, we will inevitably run into some kind of block or challenge that we will need to overcome to take our mediumship to the next level.


To best support his students, Michael offers mentoring to help them understand how the spirit or psychic awareness works best - by emphasizing strengths and helping to overcome feeling “stuck” in their mediumship and psychic readings. Michael's style of mentorship creates a safe, positive, and supportive atmosphere when working with students.


By offering his mentoring in multiple formats, students can get all the guidance they need to progress more effectively while offering flexibility without the large time commitments of other mentoring programs.