Meeting with an astrologer is an excellent way of understanding the self and how you relate to the world around you. It can provide insight into the themes surrounding your current life situations as well as those in the future.

To do an astrological reading, you will need to know the following (exception: horary chart):

  1. Birth Date
  2. Birth Time (as close to the minute as possible)
  3. Birthplace (city and state)

Natal Chart

A natal chart is where the planets were at your birth. Natal charts are the promise of potential and possibilities of your life. It is through this chart that we are able to see the strengths and challenges you were born with, as well as the overall arch of your life. This chart is often consulted whenever other charts are done. Natal chart reading is an in-depth look at you and how you express yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. It can also tell us about potential careers and give us clues as to the type of partner you would do well with. This chart is great for those looking to understand themselves better.

Solar Return Chart

Each year, the sun returns to the same degree it was at when you were born. In a solar return chart, we look at where the planets are at the moment the sun returns to this position and it tells us what we can expect for the year (birthday to birthday). This is one of my favorite charts to do because of its accuracy and helping you know what themes, opportunities, and challenges to expect in the upcoming year. This chart is great for those looking to understand the energies supporting or hindering them in their current year, or those looking leverage the upcoming year to the best of their ability.

Relationship Chart

Life is all about relationships. We are constantly connecting with new people, maintaining special relationships, and letting others go. Relationship charts are exceptional at uncovering and understanding the inner workings of any type of relationship. Whether parent child, friend to friend, or romantic partners, relationship charts can tell you why you’re together, how compatible you are, how to resolve certain challenges, and how each of you think and relate to one another. This chart is great for those in new or old relationships, or anyone wanting to better understand their relationships’ strengths and weaknesses. (Must know birth information for both partners.)

Horary Chart

Horary charts are the classic way astrologers were consulted throughout history. A person came to an astrologer with a question and the astrologer would cast the chart based on the moment it was asked. Using this chart, the astrologer would give an answer or outcome to the question asked. Horary charts are great for those looking for an answer to a specific question or situation.