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This is the standard track and length for Sitting In The Power.


What is it: “Sitting in Silence” or “Sitting in Your Power,” is a meditative practice that allows the individual to sit and quiet their mind, while expecting and doing nothing.


Why we do it: Living in modern day society, our minds are busy, active places. Without a still and quiet mind, our imagination is more likely to unintentionally create false “spiritual” or “psychic” impressions. “Sitting in Silence” without expectations teaches our mind to be still, quiet, and clear. It also helps to create a powerful space of peace and mental control from which we can act, think, and receive information more clearly. It fosters self awareness by showing you how your mind works and what it feels like to be in your own energy and power.


*Please be sure to save the audio file to your computer once audio link is received after purchasing. The link will expire. 

30 Minute Sitting In The Power Meditation guided by Michael Mayo

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